• The vaporizer has three all-inclusive accessories including nasal spray, vaporizer, and facial sauna. In nasal spray, you can add an inhalant to relieve cold and congestion. For soft, smooth, glowing, and beautiful skin.
  • Smooth edges for nose and mouth for general vapor inhalation.
  • Enhance Beauty - The facial sauna can be used for beauty purposes. You can use the sauna during facials, massages, and cleansing. The spray helps remove blockages and open deep facial pores.


INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Design - The steam vaporizer is uniquely designed, made by the plastic body, which should be shock-free and lightweight. The accessories are supplied with smooth edges for the RUDRAYA and the face. NOTE: You may experience a slight burn order of the plastic due to heating and settling of the virgin plastic. It is therefore strongly recommended to wash the vaporizer with lukewarm water before first use.

Steam Vaporizer All - In - One

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  • GST - 12% inclusive in the final cost

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