UnMediLife is a business consulting services connecting Buyers and Manufacturers directly with all required verifications requested by the Buyers and authenticate a genuine and quality manufacturing units. Our name says it all, giving birth to the universal medical life. UniMediLife is is subsidiary for its parent company PhotoWhizz Global Services Private Limited.


Our team expertise in Determining, Investigating, Researching, & Analysing the best quality medical essential products. Looking at the current world situation, we have been striving hard in connecting the International buyers throughout the world  with the manufacturers (in India) for the Covid & Hospital essential products.  Our vast connections with the major manufacturing units in India is the one time solution for a safe and secure business transaction. 

We have a strong collaboration with the industries leading production facilities that manufactures Safety helmets, protective face shields, gloves, eye protection, face masks, Personal Protective Kits (PPE) high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, safety harnesses and much more. Our team that helps connect the manufacturers to the Buyers or Vice versa to trade the safety products at the most economical way.


Why are we considered the most economical?

1. Products Directly from the Manufacturing Units.

2. Low Labor Cost

3. Very Minimal Profit Margin


Our Mission:

Our primary goal is to ensure that we help the International buyers globally to have a safe and reliable transaction. We take care of the entire process until the order has been shipped out to the buyer. We investigate the production unit, their certifications, delivery system, quality control unit and required documents for the hassle free Logistics and submit the detailed report to the Buyers.


Company policies:

  • Our Policy is to measure our Safety reach to the Buyers and ensure 100% satisfaction on all the major levels of the prospect.

  • We do not entertain any manufacturer that does not meet basic quality standards.

  • We do not collaborate with any of the manufacturers that does not have the certifications that are recognized globally

Executive profiles:

A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. The CEO Ajmal Gouhar Baig being a Leader in the Photography industry and digital marketing platform for a decade and now turns out to be focused on the business consultant for your Covid products.

The business operations with the research and development is executed by Alam Baig (MBA Finance). Responsible for defining the company's market vision and leading the business to continued success by creating some innovative solution for the production units and consumers in Essential products. 

He served as a Business development Associate for Swiggy.com, his small contribution on development has made a huge difference by creating India's largest and highest-valued online food ordering and delivery platform. 


You can reach to us for your business requirements or any clarifications.

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